Penthouse Magazine Archive (1998)

Penthouse January 1998 Penthouse January 1998

Pet of Month: Eva Major
Cover: Paige Summers
Model: Paige Summers

Penthouse February 1998 Penthouse February 1998

Pet of Month: Nanna Gibson
Cover: Nanna Gibson
Model: Monika & Martina

Penthouse March 1998 Penthouse March 1998

Pet of Month: Anita Rinaldi
Cover: Pamela Anderson
Model: Pamela Anderson

Penthouse April 1998 Penthouse April 1998

Pet of Month: Chloe Jones
Cover: Heather
Model: Heather

Penthouse May 1998 Penthouse May 1998

Pet of Month: Pamela Petrokova
Cover: Pamela Petrokova
Model: Sandra & Brooke

Penthouse June 1998 Penthouse June 1998

Pet of Month: Kelly Havel
Cover: Kelly Havel
Model: Vicca & Philippe

Penthouse July 1998 Penthouse July 1998

Pet of Month: Nikita
Cover: Nikita
Model: Paulina & Pamela

Penthouse August 1998 Penthouse August 1998

Pet of Month: Aimee Sweet
Cover: Aimee Sweet
Model: Angel Dust

Penthouse September 1998 Penthouse September 1998

Pet of Month: Tamara
Cover: Tamara
Model: Kembra

Penthouse October 1998 Penthouse October 1998

Pet of Month: Silvia Saint
Cover: Silvia Saint
Model: Cindy & John

Penthouse November 1998 Penthouse November 1998

Pet of Month: Melissa Ann
Cover: Melissa Ann
Model: Seanna & Brandi

Penthouse December 1998 Penthouse December 1998

Pet of Month: Vicca
Cover: Vicca
Model: Regina and Francine