Penthouse Magazine Archive (1982)

Penthouse January 1982 Penthouse January 1982

Pet of Month: Julia Perrein
Cover: Victoria Johnson
Model: Victoria Johnson

Penthouse February 1982 Penthouse February 1982

Pet of Month: Divina Celeste
Cover: DiVina Celeste
Model: Carmen

Penthouse March 1982 Penthouse March 1982

Pet of Month: Sharon Axley
Cover: Carla Russell
Model: Carla Russell

Penthouse April 1982 Penthouse April 1982

Pet of Month: Muriel Rousseau
Cover: Joanne Latham
Model: Joanne Latham

Penthouse May 1982 Penthouse May 1982

Pet of Month: Ute Hochmeister
Cover: Rorie Fay
Model: Rorie Fay

Penthouse June 1982 Penthouse June 1982

Pet of Month: Jane Felber
Cover: Laurie Loranger
Model: Laurie Loranger

Penthouse July 1982 Penthouse July 1982

Pet of Month: Lari Jones
Cover: Lari Jones
Model: Cami

Penthouse August 1982 Penthouse August 1982

Pet of Month: Donna Barnes
Cover: Donna Barnes
Model: The Bank Robbery

Penthouse September 1982 Penthouse September 1982

Pet of Month: Lee Ann Lee
Cover: Lee Ann Lee
Model: Brunette

Penthouse October 1982 Penthouse October 1982

Pet of Month: Laurie L'Oranger
Cover: Morgan Fairchild
Model: Morgan Fairchild

Penthouse November 1982 Penthouse November 1982

Pet of Month: Nicole Monrowe
Cover: Corinne Alphen
Model: Corinne Alphen

Penthouse December 1982 Penthouse December 1982

Pet of Month: Monique Gabrielle
Cover: Anna Fraley
Model: Ingrid Angstrom