Penthouse Magazine Archive (1996)

Penthouse January 1996 Penthouse January 1996

Pet of Month: Emerald Heart
Cover: Andi Sue Irwin
Model: Andi Sue Irwin

Penthouse February 1996 Penthouse February 1996

Pet of Month: Sabrina West
Cover: Levena Holmes
Model: Heather, Andrea & Roy

Penthouse March 1996 Penthouse March 1996

Pet of Month: Diane Thomas
Cover: Diane Thomas
Model: Brandy & Sasha

Penthouse April 1996 Penthouse April 1996

Pet of Month: Kia Delao
Cover: Anna Nicole Smith
Model: Taylor, Jessica, and Larissa

Penthouse May 1996 Penthouse May 1996

Pet of Month: Lexus Locklear
Cover: Lexus Locklear
Model: Nikki & Andrew

Penthouse June 1996 Penthouse June 1996

Pet of Month: Julia Garvey
Cover: Pamela Anderson
Model: Dyanna

Penthouse July 1996 Penthouse July 1996

Pet of Month: Celeste Jean
Cover: Emerald Heart
Model: Dyanna

Penthouse August 1996 Penthouse August 1996

Pet of Month: Paige Summers
Cover: Paige Summers
Model: Anna & Brooke

Penthouse September 1996 Penthouse September 1996

Pet of Month: Tania Russof
Cover: Tania Russof
Model: Katherine, Alexandria & Lauren

Penthouse October 1996 Penthouse October 1996

Pet of Month: Lisa Gayle
Cover: Lisa Gayle
Model: Janine & Emerald

Penthouse November 1996 Penthouse November 1996

Pet of Month: Samantha Michaels
Cover: Samantha Michaels
Model: Emerald

Penthouse December 1996 Penthouse December 1996

Pet of Month: Heather St. James
Cover: Catherine Bailey
Model: Nikki, Dyanna, and Elena