Penthouse Magazine Archive (1990)

Penthouse January 1990 Penthouse January 1990

Pet of Month: Stacey Lynn
Cover: Stephanie Page
Model: Stephanie Page

Penthouse February 1990 Penthouse February 1990

Pet of Month: Justine Delahunty
Cover: Justine Delahunty
Model: Dusty & Bev

Penthouse March 1990 Penthouse March 1990

Pet of Month: Brandy O
Cover: Brandy O
Model: Jes

Penthouse April 1990 Penthouse April 1990

Pet of Month: Jaqueline Winfield
Cover: Jaqueline Winfield
Model: Leanna

Penthouse May 1990 Penthouse May 1990

Pet of Month: Jisel
Cover: Jisel
Model: Eva & Nikki

Penthouse June 1990 Penthouse June 1990

Pet of Month: Amy Lynn Baxter
Cover: Amy Lynn Baxter
Model: Christina

Penthouse July 1990 Penthouse July 1990

Pet of Month: Marie Duarte
Cover: Teneil
Model: Teneil

Penthouse August 1990 Penthouse August 1990

Pet of Month: Johnie Cheney
Cover: Karen Brennan
Model: Karen Brennan

Penthouse September 1990 Penthouse September 1990

Pet of Month: Linda Johansen
Cover: Linda Johansen
Model: Mikki, Cheryl And Ann

Penthouse October 1990 Penthouse October 1990

Pet of Month: Kelly Jackson
Cover: Amy Kristensen
Model: Amy Kristensen

Penthouse November 1990 Penthouse November 1990

Pet of Month: Barbie Ashton
Cover: Barbie Ashton
Model: Alex

Penthouse December 1990 Penthouse December 1990

Pet of Month: Diana Van Laar
Cover: Diana Van Laar
Model: Tracy and Dick