Penthouse Magazine Archive (1984)

Penthouse January 1984 Penthouse January 1984

Pet of Month: Cody Carmack
Cover: Cody Carmack
Model: Nina

Penthouse February 1984 Penthouse February 1984

Pet of Month: Antonia Larsen
Cover: Debbie Zullo
Model: Debbie Zullo

Penthouse March 1984 Penthouse March 1984

Pet of Month: Paula Ann Wood
Cover: Teri Jory
Model: Teri Jory

Penthouse April 1984 Penthouse April 1984

Pet of Month: Marcia Ruks
Cover: Marcia Ruks
Model: Donna Stevens

Penthouse May 1984 Penthouse May 1984

Pet of Month: Holly-O
Cover: Holly-O
Model: Rita

Penthouse June 1984 Penthouse June 1984

Pet of Month: Christianna
Cover: Teddie Treacher
Model: Teddie Treacher

Penthouse July 1984 Penthouse July 1984

Pet of Month: Stacy Cole
Cover: Stacy Cole
Model: Monique Gabrielle

Penthouse August 1984 Penthouse August 1984

Pet of Month: Debbie Tays
Cover: Jeanette Starion
Model: Jeanette Starion

Penthouse September 1984 Penthouse September 1984

Pet of Month: Traci Lords
Cover: Vanessa Williams
Model: Hyapatia Lee

Penthouse October 1984 Penthouse October 1984

Pet of Month: Marie Ehlman
Cover: Jody Swafford
Model: Jody Swafford

Penthouse November 1984 Penthouse November 1984

Pet of Month: Mindy Farrar
Cover: Jeanette Starion
Model: Jeanette Starion

Penthouse December 1984 Penthouse December 1984

Pet of Month: Angela Marie Mineo
Cover: Linda Kenton
Model: Linda Kenton