Penthouse Magazine Archive (1971)

Penthouse January 1971 Penthouse January 1971

Pet of Month: Viva Helziger
Cover: Viva Helziger
Model: Miss Nude Cosmos Pageant Girls

Penthouse February 1971 Penthouse February 1971

Pet of Month: Cassandra Harrington
Cover: Cassandra Harrington
Model: Marsha, The Erotic Housewife

Penthouse March 1971 Penthouse March 1971

Pet of Month: Lottie Gunthart
Cover: Monica Hill
Model: Monica Hill

Penthouse April 1971 Penthouse April 1971

Pet of Month: Jacquie Simmons-Jude
Cover: Stephanie McLean
Model: Girls of Ibiza

Penthouse May 1971 Penthouse May 1971

Pet of Month: Billie Rainbird
Cover: Stephanie McLean
Model: Stephanie McLean

Penthouse June 1971 Penthouse June 1971

Pet of Month: Josee Troyat
Cover: Josee Troyat
Model: Black Beauty

Penthouse July 1971 Penthouse July 1971

Pet of Month: Vida Farthing
Cover: Vida Farthing
Model: Not Available

Penthouse August 1971 Penthouse August 1971

Pet of Month: Judy Jones
Cover: Judy Jones
Model: Barbara Klingered

Penthouse September 1971 Penthouse September 1971

Pet of Month: Maureen Renzen
Cover: Stephanie McLean
Model: Lee Gardener

Penthouse October 1971 Penthouse October 1971

Pet of Month: Helen Caunt
Cover: Helen Caunt
Model: Lee Gardener

Penthouse November 1971 Penthouse November 1971

Pet of Month: Lynette Asquith
Cover: Lynette Asquith
Model: Kathy Dorritie

Penthouse December 1971 Penthouse December 1971

Pet of Month: Lynn Partington
Cover: Lynn Partington
Model: Brandy Lee