Penthouse Magazine Archive (1979)

Penthouse January 1979 Penthouse January 1979

Pet of Month: Dusty Jackson
Cover: Victoria Lynn Johnson
Model: Charlotte and Emily

Penthouse February 1979 Penthouse February 1979

Pet of Month: Pamela Rhodes
Cover: Susan Waide
Model: Unknown

Penthouse March 1979 Penthouse March 1979

Pet of Month: Shasta Lindstrom
Cover: Shasta Lindstrom
Model: Solana

Penthouse April 1979 Penthouse April 1979

Pet of Month: Isabella Ardigo
Cover: Jeannie Butler
Model: Ginger Barton

Penthouse May 1979 Penthouse May 1979

Pet of Month: Brieanna Bujold
Cover: Lynda Clark
Model: Marianne Walters

Penthouse June 1979 Penthouse June 1979

Pet of Month: Lynda Clark
Cover: Debora Zullo, Cheryl Rixon, Carmen Pope, Corinne Alphen
Model: Alana Wilson

Penthouse July 1979 Penthouse July 1979

Pet of Month: Jaycee West
Cover: Donna Summer
Model: Lillian and Dorothy

Penthouse August 1979 Penthouse August 1979

Pet of Month: Diane Weber
Cover: Diane Weber
Model: Sally

Penthouse September 1979 Penthouse September 1979

Pet of Month: Joanne Latham
Cover: Joanne Latham
Model: Evelyn Treacher

Penthouse October 1979 Penthouse October 1979

Pet of Month: Tammy Hill
Cover: Dominique
Model: Carol Ann Wilken

Penthouse November 1979 Penthouse November 1979

Pet of Month: Danielle Ginibre
Cover: Cheryl Rixon
Model: Rude Food

Penthouse December 1979 Penthouse December 1979

Pet of Month: Judi Gibbs
Model: Cynthia and Adele