Penthouse Magazine Archive (1977)

Penthouse January 1977 Penthouse January 1977

Pet of Month: Marilyn Connor
Cover: Laura Doone
Model: Rene La Fontaine

Penthouse February 1977 Penthouse February 1977

Pet of Month: Betsy Harris
Cover: Cheryl Ain
Model: Celine Martin

Penthouse March 1977 Penthouse March 1977

Pet of Month: Jolanta Von Zmuda
Cover: Jolanta Von Zmuda
Model: Nicole Carole

Penthouse April 1977 Penthouse April 1977

Pet of Month: Shonna Lynne
Cover: Shonna Lynne
Model: Susan Johnson

Penthouse May 1977 Penthouse May 1977

Pet of Month: Valerie Rae Clark
Cover: Valerie Rae Clark
Model: Rebecca

Penthouse June 1977 Penthouse June 1977

Pet of Month: Dominique Maure
Cover: Cheryl Ain
Model: Bonnie Dee, Martine Le Mauviel, and Sonny Smith

Penthouse July 1977 Penthouse July 1977

Pet of Month: Christine Davray
Cover: Unkown
Model: Lynn Donahue

Penthouse August 1977 Penthouse August 1977

Pet of Month: Barbara Corser
Cover: Margaret Stockton
Model: Rebecca Davenport

Penthouse September 1977 Penthouse September 1977

Pet of Month: Lucia St. Angelo
Cover: Pat Pardini
Model: Diana Rose Hardy

Penthouse October 1977 Penthouse October 1977

Pet of Month: Cynthia Gaynor
Cover: Cheryl Rixon
Model: Rhonda

Penthouse November 1977 Penthouse November 1977

Pet of Month: Debora Zullo
Cover: Victoria Lynn Johnson
Model: Marta and Uta

Penthouse December 1977 Penthouse December 1977

Pet of Month: Cheryl Rixon
Cover: Karen Pini
Model: Karen Pini