Penthouse Magazine Archive (1985)

Penthouse January 1985 Penthouse January 1985

Pet of Month: Rebecca Hill
Cover: Vanessa Williams with George Burns
Model: Vanessa Williams with George Burns

Penthouse February 1985 Penthouse February 1985

Pet of Month: Brittany Dane
Cover: Brittany Dane
Model: Christy

Penthouse March 1985 Penthouse March 1985

Pet of Month: Carolyn Bosanko
Cover: Sue and Louise Elvin
Model: Barbette Noelle

Penthouse April 1985 Penthouse April 1985

Pet of Month: Fasha
Cover: Fasha
Model: Tammi Benton

Penthouse May 1985 Penthouse May 1985

Pet of Month: Andi Leigh
Cover: Delia Impey
Model: Delia Impey

Penthouse June 1985 Penthouse June 1985

Pet of Month: Melissa Wolf
Cover: Joanne Latham
Model: Joanne Latham

Penthouse July 1985 Penthouse July 1985

Pet of Month: Phyliss Partin
Cover: Charlie Dean
Model: Charlie Dean

Penthouse August 1985 Penthouse August 1985

Pet of Month: Angela Nicholas
Cover: Angela Nicholas
Model: Jeanne

Penthouse September 1985 Penthouse September 1985

Pet of Month: Christine Dupre
Cover: Madonna
Model: Madonna

Penthouse October 1985 Penthouse October 1985

Pet of Month: Jennifer James
Model: Traci Lords

Penthouse November 1985 Penthouse November 1985

Pet of Month: Carina Ragnarsson
Cover: Carina Ragnarsson
Model: Amber

Penthouse December 1985 Penthouse December 1985

Pet of Month: Lori Baker
Cover: Sophie Favier
Model: Sophie Favier

Penthouse Parody Spring 1985 Penthouse Parody Spring 1985

Pet of Month: Unknown