Penthouse Magazine Archive (1972)

Penthouse January 1972 Penthouse January 1972

Pet of Month: Patricia Barrett
Cover: Patricia Barrett
Model: Sissy Ott

Penthouse February 1972 Penthouse February 1972

Pet of Month: Carole Augustine
Cover: Carole Augustine
Model: Karen McCook

Penthouse March 1972 Penthouse March 1972

Pet of Month: Billie Deane
Cover: Billie Deane
Model: Francoise Boulet

Penthouse April 1972 Penthouse April 1972

Pet of Month: Marianne Gordon
Cover: Tina McDowall
Model: Melanie Byrd

Penthouse May 1972 Penthouse May 1972

Pet of Month: Sharon Bailey
Cover: Sharon Bailey
Model: Celia Starr

Penthouse June 1972 Penthouse June 1972

Pet of Month: Nevenka Dundek
Cover: Nevenka Dundek
Model: Cassandra Harrington

Penthouse July 1972 Penthouse July 1972

Pet of Month: Lesley Harrison
Cover: Tina McDowall
Model: Brooke Mills

Penthouse August 1972 Penthouse August 1972

Pet of Month: Marian Maylam
Cover: Marian Maylam
Model: Kamera Sutra

Penthouse September 1972 Penthouse September 1972

Pet of Month: Isobel Garcia Orobiyi
Cover: Tina McDowall
Model: Tina McDowall

Penthouse October 1972 Penthouse October 1972

Pet of Month: Janet Dunphy
Cover: Janet Dunphy
Model: Re Debris

Penthouse November 1972 Penthouse November 1972

Pet of Month: Angela Adams
Cover: Angela Adams
Model: Carrie Shusmith

Penthouse December 1972 Penthouse December 1972

Pet of Month: Lynn Carey
Cover: Lynn Carey
Model: James & Gwen