Penthouse Magazine Archive (1976)

Penthouse January 1976 Penthouse January 1976

Pet of Month: Laure Favie
Cover: Laure Favie
Model: Eva Carson

Penthouse February 1976 Penthouse February 1976

Pet of Month: Martine Le Mauviel
Cover: Martine Le Mauviel
Model: Amber Marie

Penthouse March 1976 Penthouse March 1976

Pet of Month: Joann Witty
Cover: Joann Witty
Model: Arla Terrell

Penthouse April 1976 Penthouse April 1976

Pet of Month: Sandy Bernadou
Cover: Georgina Crown
Model: Terri and Clarence

Penthouse May 1976 Penthouse May 1976

Pet of Month: Sonny Smith
Cover: Sonny Smith
Model: Easy Riders

Penthouse June 1976 Penthouse June 1976

Pet of Month: Anna Grimwood
Cover: Janice Kane, Laura Doone, Susan Ryder, Wendy Blodgett, Jane Hargrave
Model: Chelsea Eriksen

Penthouse July 1976 Penthouse July 1976

Pet of Month: Helen Lang
Cover: Laura Doone
Model: Unknown

Penthouse August 1976 Penthouse August 1976

Pet of Month: Victoria Lynn Johnson
Cover: Victoria Lynn Johnson
Model: Kathleen Carver

Penthouse September 1976 Penthouse September 1976

Pet of Month: Dawn Shaw
Cover: Laura Doone
Model: Derna Wylde

Penthouse October 1976 Penthouse October 1976

Pet of Month: Susanne Saxon
Cover: Susanne Saxon
Model: Joni Flynn

Penthouse November 1976 Penthouse November 1976

Pet of Month: Carolyn Patsis
Cover: Laura Doone
Model: Laura Doone

Penthouse December 1976 Penthouse December 1976

Pet of Month: Adrian King
Cover: Jane Hargrave
Model: Jane Hargrave