Justine Joli

September 2007 - Pet of the Month

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Justine Joli shows off her sexy toes and sexy porcelain skin.

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Justine Joli's flawless, naked alabaster body is slowly revealed as she performs a sexy striptease on an ivory couch.

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Jennifer Emerson spends another sex-filled night with her BFF Justine Joli - just lavishing every inch of the fiesty redhead's perfect ass with her tongue before receiving a similar wet treatment on her golden DDs in return.

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Justine Joli tears off Jennifer Emerson's undies with her teeth so that she can get to the sexy blonde's hard nipples and velvety soft pussy to nuzzle and lick to her heart's content.

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Justine Joli can barely contain the wanton hot lust centered at her pussy in this scorcher of a set.

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Justine Joli purrs, Opera gloves are sexy, especially when I'm wearing nothing else!" while bending over to present her clean-shaven pussy and round bottom."

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Justine Joli licking the spike of her spiked heeled pump before rolling over upside down and all around to flash her pink pussy and boobs.

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Justine Joli is an ethereal beauty in this set as light and shadow play over her alabaster breasts and body.

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Justine Joli loves the feeling of grass tickling her naked belly and breasts as she lies out nude by her lawn pool.

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